Allentown, PA Cost of Mini Dental Implants

The cost of mini dental implants in Allentown, PA is one factor that plays a large role in patient’s decisions on whether or not to undergo treatment. While cost can be a determining factor no matter the medical or dental procedure, mini dental implants provide many benefits that outweigh their cost. If you are considering dental implantation for replacing broken, damaged, decayed or missing teeth, consider all of the procedural benefits before basing your decision on cost.

More often than not, Allentown, Pennsylvania residents who are interested in mini dental implants are on a limited budget, so the upfront cost can be a cause for worry. But at Michael E. Kun, DMD Dentistry, mini dental implants can sometimes be up to 60% cheaper than their traditional counterparts. Here are a few reasons why.

When Dr. Kun places the mini dental implants, there is no invasive surgery involved. The procedure often only takes a single visit to complete, only a local anesthetic is necessary, and the small incisions made in the gum line do not require stitches. Traditional dental implants take several procedures to place, may require stitches and downtime and do not provide immediate implant use.

Placing mini dental implants in a single treatment is a mildly invasive procedure that does not require downtime. Patients can return to their daily lives immediately. This greatly reduces the cost of mini dental implants because they require less treatment time, less recovery time and less visits to the dentist.

While mini dental implants work for most patients, some require additional procedures before the implant can be placed—this can also affect overall cost. Visiting Dr. Kun for a consultation will help to determine what treatments, if any, are needed. It will also give patients a better idea of the overall cost of mini dental implants. Because each patient's needs are so very different, the cost is never set in stone.

Mini Dental Implants are a safe and effective way to improve your smile for a natural look and feel, but knowing more about the cost of mini dental implants is an important step in moving forward. Visit Michael E. Kun, DMD Dentistry today for your consultation and see if this innovative treatment, and its costs, are right for you.