Regular Dental Implants Vs. Mini Dental Implants

If you are unaware of the differences between regular dental implants and mini dental implants knowing what type is right for you can be difficult. At Michael E. Kun, DMD Dentistry, informing Allentown, PA patients about different types of dental implants available will help them to make an informed decision regarding their oral and dental health. Before deciding, Dr. Kun offers some information on the differences between regular dental implants and mini dental implants:

The main difference between traditional dental implants and mini dental implants (MDIs) is size. MDIs are smaller in diameter than regular dental implants—this smaller diameter allows the mini implants to be successful in patients that might not be candidates for traditional implants. The quantity and quality of bone in the jaw is one of the determining factors for candidacy—those without enough bone were once considered to not be ideal candidates for treatments and often needed to undergo treatments such as bone grafting before implants could be placed. Mini dental implants, due to their smaller stature, have allowed more patients to undergo treatment.

Treatments for traditional dental implants at Michael E. Kun, DMD Dentistry in Allentown, Pennsylvania are also more invasive than for their mini counterparts. Traditional implants require larger incisions, may require stitches and require more downtime following treatment. They also require a number of visits to the dentist in order to complete the procedure. Mini dental implants are less invasive and can often be placed in a single dental visit. In certain circumstances, patients will also have immediate use of their implant—meaning a dental prosthetic will be placed the very same day, giving patients the ability to chew with their implant immediately.

Individual factors will often determine which type of implant patient will receive. No matter which implant is used however, Allentown, PA patients will achieve long-lasting, stable support that, if cared for properly, can last a lifetime. IF you are interested in perfecting your smile and think dental implants can help, find out more about these treatments with a visit to Michael E. Kun, DMD Dentistry. Contact us today to set up a consultation!